BaOx (Sativa) - 1lb

BaOx (Sativa) - 1lb

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FAT TUESDAY, FAT POUND SALE! Get an extra 1/4lb FREE with the purchase of a pound of Abacus or BaOx.  Sale runs to Friday the 28th at midnight!

Relax with our BaOx.  This is a full spectrum flower which has a versatile and rare terpene profile.  A whiff of this immediately engulfs you with a warm aroma filled with spices and baked goods.  We love this stimulating and relaxing strain that ensures the user a restored feeling.

There are two flower trim types to choose from.  Below are our standards for each trim type...

Machine Trim - Will have some leaves and is generally a looser trim around the bud.  This will run through our gentle trimming machine, which softly tumbles the hemp flower to remove large leaves.

Hand Trim - Each of these flowers are hand trimmed individually by our experienced staff.  Generally, this will result in a tighter trim with only some small leaves remaining.

The quantity of these orders is 1lb with your choice of trim and package type.  If you are ordering Pre-Rolls, please select the Pre-Roll trim type, if not, choose between the machine and hand trim.  All Pre-Rolls are sent in glass tubes. 

Please indicate whether these products should be labeled.

Please message us for orders over 25lbs.

Our craft hemp flower contains less than 0.3% Δ9-THC, making it a beautiful blend that provides calming clarity with no psychoactives.

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