Premium Bowl Blend
Premium Bowl Blend
Premium Bowl Blend

Premium Bowl Blend

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Convenience at its sexiest. Kiss your grinder goodbye with our super sleek bowl blend.  Uncork this little baby and immediately feel the aromatic terpenes fill your being. Gently tap your perfectly ground bowl blend straight into your bowl or paper and enjoy all the hemp goodness. 

Our amazing team hand-grinds each tube of bowl blend, ensuring a delicious, perfectly ground blend at your finger-tips. Read about our bowl blend strains below!

    • Poppi Blend - Oh my, does this amazing blend pack a punch! Great for daytime or night time use. Our Premium Poppi Blend is a home run and is the hybrid of all hybrids with a perfect ratio of BaOx (Sativa), Abacus (Hybrid) and T1 (Hybrid).
    • AbacusWhen I say yee, you say haw. Yeehaw! With a delicious perfume-like aroma and diesel finish, this hybrid flower has it all.  We're not kidding when we say everyone is in LOVE with this strain.  Between its smooth finish and fabulous terpene profile, this leaves users with heightened senses and an amazing frontal lobe feeling.
    • BaOxRelax with our BaOx.  These pre-rolls contain our best full spectrum flower which has a versatile and rare terpene profile.  A whiff of this flower immediately engulfs you with a warm aroma filled with spices and baked goods.  We love this stimulating and relaxing strain that ensures the user a restored feeling.
    • Cherry Blossom -Looking for overall mind-body relaxation?  Look no further.  Our craft Cherry Blossom flower is in high demand as it relieves anxiety and stress as well as provides an overall calming sense.  This hybrid is a crowd favorite as it is indica dominant with a 70/30 ratio - 70% indica, 30% sativa.
    • Cherry Wine This strain is great for both daytime & night time use.  The effects are mildly intoxicating, offering users total relaxation of the mind, thus improving clarity and focus.  In some cases, Cherry Wine assists in coping with inflammation, anxiety or stress.  Lineage: The Wife + Charlotte's Cherries
    • Cherry UnoCan someone say yum?  Cherry Uno is an earthy, indica dominant hybrid that uplifts users and enhances creativity!  This strain has to potential to help some users manage pain and its mood uplifting qualities will leave one with a happy, relaxed sense.
    • Hawaiian Haze - Sporting a floral smell and tropical fruit flavor, daydreaming of a Hawaiian vacation is a possible side effect.  This flower has high-quality sativa effects and users feel a social & talkative sense about them, making for a wonderful daytime experience.
    • Lifter - This strain is a hyrbid created by crossing Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud.  If you are looking for overall mind, body relaxation, Lifter has you covered.  Users will notice a aches in the body dissolve, as this strain spreads a sense of peace over the body.  It is also known for providing a very gentle cerebral focus and energy!  
    • T1Our T1 is the one for you, hands down.  With it's fruity aroma, users love the calming sense this provides.  
    • Therapy - Mother Earth's truffles.  Therapy is a evenly balanced hybrid that has a deliciously sweet fruity aroma and flavor.  Rich in cannabinoid's, this is great for both daytime and evening usage to make you feel an overall mellow and pleasantly happy contentment.  Therapy has an even indica to sativa ratio of 1:1.
    • Sour Space Candy - This sativa dominant strain leaves you feeling truly invigorated and happy as its tasty sweet and sour candy flavor invigorates your taste buds.  This cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
    •  Suver Haze - This tropical and sweet aromatic strain boasts an amazing terpene profile that truly relaxes the mind and body.  Feel your worries and stress dissolve as you enjoy Suver Haze and its amazing properties.

    • Sweetened - An uplifting strain to say the least, it does not have any couch lock effects, rather the effects are subtle yet energetic. The terpene profile is complex, rich in pinene and myrcene and with earthy and sweet notes. A beautiful blend of sweet and nutty notes as you enjoy this strain. 

*Accessory sold separately!*