Stoke-Stick Diffuser Kit
Stoke-Stick Diffuser Kit

Stoke-Stick Diffuser Kit

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These branded Stoke-Stick Diffuser Kits are high vibing, in true Appalachian Standard fashion! Featuring beautiful paw print detail in the most PERFECT blue, this gorgeous masterpiece is for the true connoisseur.

All our Vibe-Vessels are packed full of our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower GOODNESS baby (Meaning it has all sorts of amazing cannabinoids)! These 510 thread Vibe-Vessels are metal-free, all glass and made with award-winning ceramic technology.

The strain specific extract in each babe is extracted with Super Critical CO2. We're proud to say that's what gives these goodies their delicious flavor and feeling! Read more about some of the strains below...

  • Abacus With a delicious perfume-like aroma and diesel finish, this hybrid flower has it all.  We're not kidding when we say everyone is in LOVE with this strain.  Between its smooth finish and fabulous terpene profile, this leaves users with heightened senses and an amazing frontal lobe feeling.
  • BaOx A whiff of this flower immediately engulfs you with a warm aroma filled with spices and baked goods.  We love this stimulating and relaxing strain that ensures the user a restored feeling.
  • Cherry Blossom Looking for overall mind-body relaxation?  Look no further. Our craft Cherry Blossom flower is in high demand as it relieves anxiety and stress as well as provides an overall calming sense.  This hybrid is a crowd favorite as it is indica dominant with a 70/30 ratio - 70% indica, 30% sativa
  • Cherry Uno Can someone say yum?  Cherry Uno is an earthy, indica dominant hybrid that uplifts users and enhances creativity!  This strain has the potential to help some users manage pain and its mood uplifting qualities will leave one with a happy, relaxed sense.
  • Cherry Wine This strain is great for both daytime & night time use.  The effects are mildly intoxicating, offering users total relaxation of the mind, thus improving clarity and focus.  In some cases, Cherry Wine assists in coping with inflammation, anxiety or stress.
  • Harle Cat (aka Harle Tsu)- Is a game changer.  A cross between Harle Tsu and Canna Tsu, Harle Cat gives us an out of this world sensation.  This indica leaning hybrid is great to relieve pain and inflammation without psychoactive side effects. These pre-rolls have a spicy and herbal flavor with wood undertones.  The pine flavor is absolutely delicious and makes for a spirit lifting experience that you can't miss!
  • T1 Our T1 is the one for you, hands down.  With it's fruity aroma, users love the calming sense this provides.  It's top notch for providing mental clarity and heightened concentration.

Product Includes:

  • 1: 510 Thread Stoke-Stick Diffuser (Variable Voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V, 350 mAH for perfect size and battery life mix)
  • 1: CBD filled Glass Vibe-Vessel
  • 1: USB Charger


  • Organic MCT Oil
  • Extracted crude oil